View Taking Note for Summer, These Slippers Will Become Good Weather Footwear

by | May 20, 2017

They have just started the winter sales and in a few weeks stores is will wearing little by little coming collections, increasingly closer to the good weather and of course summer. Should go recruiting trends that will come because you might find some even with discount on the sales because we know anything goes.

Chanel one of the first has been firms to propose them for next summer, but as the French firm also raised proposals different from a lot of brands, so everything suggests that trend will be. It is a as simple as stylish slippers and above all comfortable and versatile.

Some “it girls” as Gala Gonzalez It has already become fan number one of this kind of flat shoe for next season. And although it seems that they will become ‘must’ have a very high design in the front zone they will not be perfect for many so I think that there will be a too big boom and not wanting to repeat with no one.

Photos | Amlul

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