Velvet, That Fabric That Does Not Can Forget This Christmas

by | May 10, 2017

The velvet is that tissue, such as nougat, always returns home for Christmas. Actually returns each autumn and winter season, sometimes more forcefully that other Christmas always but becomes one of the woven Favorites among all. But this 2014 seems that velvet is scooping.

It is a simple, elegant fabric that however with a good haircut and a good decoration becomes a perfect garment for these special dates. Its color and soft tissue changes makes a simple black dress in a lovely dress is Velvet.

This year you have many options to choose from because as I said earlier but always is present at this time, in this season There is a greater tendency of a fabric which we are perfectly located in all ages. Why do not cost labour find the garment that becomes you and who fell in love with you just see it.

Dolce & Gabbana they are one of the Kings of velvet and how could it be otherwise the low-cost shops they have echoed most controversial Italians from the field of fashion designs. Don’t miss the curdled garments with precious stones or with an abundance of fringes, really wonderful garments.

Photos | Zara pictures

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