The Lanzameinto of Wanted by Helena Rubinstein with Demi Moore as Image

by | April 24, 2017

Demi Moore It has intentions of launching its own fragrance, swelling the ranks of celebrities like Kylie Minogue o Halle Berry that you already have theirs. for now, we will see to more it in the campaign Wanted, created by Helena Rubinstein. This new fragrance is sensual and fresh style that even with its old beautiful actress keeps.

And for the release could see a Demi as wine improves with age, wearing very elegant and pretty in a model of Prabal Gurung, part of the collection of Autumn-winter 2009/10 Designer. The dress with a kind of feathers at the hem of the skirt and a tie-dye in cream and black is beautiful.

Demi had already worn an outfit of the newcomer Prabal on the occasion of the celebration of one hundred anniversary of Cartier. So with a comment in your TwitPic, the Moore puts the eye in the future of Gurung in the fashion world. As all the aromas of Rubinstein fragrance is very feminine and tends to romanticism. The funny thing is that Demi said that in the campaign your spouse, Ashton Kutcher, did not take part due to the fact that “not reached you the price”. As will be quote Ashton?

Not what created you, but I see that Demi if that is “desired”.