Soon Will Be Born Snapchat-Amers. The Program That Shows Us The Daily Life of Celebrities

by | July 8, 2017

First was the birth of Fotolog, later we began to share our images on Facebook, some opened their own fashion blog for later attachment to Twitter and then to Instagram. Along the way there have been apps that haven’t reached the Summit of success (Vine could be an example), but others begin however Petar after renewed. Here is where enters Snapchat, the program more fun from the moment that brings you closer (more if possible) to the life of the famous erasing the evidence of this in 24 hours. Will the new term of Snapchat-amers be…? Time to time.

What is it?

The operation is simple: hang pictures and videos in your personal account in the knowledge that they will be available within 24 hours. That means that one is carried, is shown as it is, and if the image is not so Curran nothing happens. The reason? No one is going to judge and people will forget the next morning. So the bloggers, celebrities and strangers give free rein to its originality and hang all the time new videos to entertain his followers. The problem? There are many who are trying to show his side are fun? and turns out to be false. Others show us your day to day without filters (parties and included drunkenness), and others are pedants teaching all the gifts that firms give them.

It is a new tool for closer to the public. Even if the tests aren’t patent within 24 hours of their publication

But sometimes one gets a pleasant surprise, and realizes that any person who without any reason not to fell him well, finally win him a bit and seen with different eyes. That Yes, if you follow bloggers one thing must be clear: arm yourself with patience to see how they travel in the best way all the time. That means planes in first class, the best hotels in the moment and paradisiacal places that many of us only see in pictures (unless we touch the EuroMillions).

Kylie Jenner dares to hang snapshots with his Tyga nonovio, teaches how crazy that is his sister Khloé (more than than we thought) and how to dance in the mirror next to your amiguisima Hailey Baldwin. The celebrity and hermanisima Kim Kardashian is vitiated this program (as well as Instagram with its innumerable accounts private and do secret?).

Who follow?

Obviously not going to tell you who follow, when or how. About tastes, there are no colors and one can get into the life of DJ Steve Aoki, sneak behind the scenes with Joan Smalls projects or enjoy trips and luxurious life of the Queen of the bloggers, Chiara Ferragni. Although one is surprised many things.

Some people show us their obsessions, other trips, others however only take care of burn it all

An example? That obsession Aimee Song, founder of Song of Style, has with the food. We do not believe that with this body can put buns, potatoes and other fast food that shows every day in your personal account, but if so the blogger has an enviable genetics. Although the most famous salad around the world of the fashion cupboard for enviable: from her home in Los Angeles to his apartment in Milan, the blonde is not for and your videos where it shows its new additions (happens every day) is to be seen. It is at a level where very few can overcome it. And every day a freak out more than your train of life (which runs at the speed of light). The best suites at hotels are your second home, and go around the world in 365 days seems its priority.

Its origins

This application was born in September 2011, and although its origins are a little different now, success from the outset caught the attention of Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook). Today the innovations that have been added have made it the new favourite social network of firms and celebrities, and we see it with groups that aglotinan the same event: from Coachella 2015, through the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Palm Springs or Dior in Cannes. One of the things that like most are the stickers to each of the cities (or events) has for the occasion, making the videos to be converted into something fun and unique. Thus one may be crossing the Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco and put a picture of this, find in Los Angeles Airport and add a seal, or found in the parade of Dior and place a pin with the logo of the maison in the final photo.

The question is, how can end up making this app?

The question that haunts me head now is, when may the famous profitable this work now done by postureo the love? While the blog has a control of visits, pages visited and graphic of readers, Instagram has a few followers that, despite being able to tweak, end up being quite reliable. How to show the personal success of each? Only the user can see the visits that have each of their videos, but this only can show the signing coup of screenshot. It will end up serving this data will start to be profitable? Is it a new source of revenue for all of these addicted to social networks that end up moving masses?

The time tell, but it seems that it is born a new way to make money and climb to the top of the success.