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Jakarta, Indonesia



North coast of Bali. Distance from the airport – 3-4 hours drive across the island. Inexpensive vacation for lovers of solitude and silence. The tourist infrastructure is not as developed as in the south, although more and more restaurants, cafes, and small spa centers have appeared here lately.


Long coastline, black sand coves and few people. In the sea (there is already the Java Sea, not the Indian Ocean) you can often see dolphins. Well preserved coral reefs.

Cafes, Restaurants and Shops

The resort is still poorly developed in terms of tourism. There are few restaurants with European cuisine, but the locals cook fish and seafood very well.


In the vicinity of Lovina there is a picturesque Sing Sing waterfall, and a little further – a 25-minute drive from the resort – a 45-meter Git Git waterfall. In Singaraja (the former colonial capital of Bali) there are many historical monuments and houses in the Dutch style. To the west of Singaraja is the only active Buddhist monastery in Bali, which is open to visitors, and after that you can visit the baths with warm springs. Nearby – National Park, natural reserve. 1 hour drive from Lovina – and you will find yourself in Menjangan, where there is wonderful diving (beautiful coral gardens, a unique underwater world).

Lombok Island

Lombok is an island in the Indonesian province of West Nusa Tenggara, part of the Lesser Sunda archipelago. In the west, Lombok is adjacent to the island of Bali, separated from it by the Lombok Strait, and in the east next to it is the island of Sumbawa, separated by the Alas Strait. The administrative capital and largest center of the island is the city of Mataram. In the central part of Lombok, a stratovolcano rises – Mount Rinjani with a height of 3,726 m, the third highest in Indonesia.
The last eruption of this volcano occurred in June-July 1994. The volcano and the sacred crater lake are part of the National Park, founded here in 1997. In the southern part of the island, a fertile plateau extends, where grain, rice, coffee, tobacco and cotton are grown. 85% of the population of Lombok are Sasaks – a people close to the Balinese in culture and language, but professing Islam.
Lombok is still a little explored corner of nature with picturesque tropical forests and wild beauty, the resort seems to be created for rest, complete relaxation. White sandy beaches are located along the entire coastline of the island. The small islands of Gili Gede, Gili Genting, Gili Air and Gili Trawangan and many others scattered to the north and southwest of Lombok are only partially or completely uninhabited and make it possible to enjoy the same island vacation when there is only sea, sun and sand around. Swimming, snorkeling, fishing and diving – the choice is yours.


Senggigi is the most developed tourist area in Lombok. You will find here many restaurants, bars, discos, travel agencies, exchange offices, souvenir shops and a range of hotels, from budget guest houses to 5-star hotels. Restaurants and cafes are located along the main road that runs parallel to the beach.

The town of Senggigi (10 kilometers long) is located along the coastal road leading north of Lombok to the harbor where boats leave for the Gili Islands. It offers beautiful views of the pristine beaches with white sand and palm trees. Most travelers stay in Lombok in this town because of its proximity to the airport and the capital of the island, Mataram, as well as a well-developed tourist infrastructure and a large selection of hotels of different price categories.

Be careful if you are going to drive a motorcycle or a car on the island on your own – traffic on the island is chaotic, and there are simply no rules of the road.

Kuta (Lombok)

Kuta is a small settlement in the south of Lombok island, famous for its white sand beach and surf waves. Geo magazine named Kuta Beach one of the 10 best and most beautiful in the world. Nearby are hotels and restaurants, but so far in small numbers. In the future, it is planned to develop the tourist infrastructure of Lombok, primarily in this resort.


Mataram is the capital of the island of Lombok, Indonesia. It is also the capital and largest city of the entire Western Province of Nusa Tenggara.

The city consists of three parts: Ampenan, Mataram and Cakranegara. Ampenan – the old port city, Mataram – the government and office center of the province, Cakranegara – the largest shopping center on the island. Selaparang Lembar Airport is located near the city. Mataram is located off the west coast of Lombok.


Jakarta is the largest city in Indonesia and also its capital. It is located on the northwestern coast of the island of Java. The population of the city is more than 10 million people. Climate – tropical, humid, temperature from 26 to 35 degrees Celsius. From December to March, there is a fairly large amount of precipitation.

The city is growing and developing very quickly, being the economic, political and cultural center of Indonesia. It is of interest for business trips, visiting international conferences and exhibitions. The city has a huge number of upscale hotels, shopping centers, restaurants of international level.

If you are in Jakarta on business, then in your free time you can visit such interesting places as:

– ethnographic park “Indonesia in miniature”. Here you can get acquainted with the culture and history of the numerous islands and provinces of Indonesia in half a day.

– safari zoo

– old Batavia area – former Dutch fort

How to get there: Almost all major airlines in the world offer flights to Jakarta.

If you are relaxing in Bali, then you can fly to Jakarta in 2 hours, during the day there are about 10 regular flights.

Jakarta, Indonesia