Rana Plaza Two Years Later: Still Need 8.5 Million Payable to The Victims of The Disaster

by | July 3, 2017

A few days to two years after the disaster, Rana Plaza It remains one of the fronts for cover from the textile industry, especially in the part of compensation to the victims. On April 24, 2013 an eight-story building was crumbling in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, causing death to 1.138 people, with more than 2,000 wounded in the five textile workshops that housed inside, becoming the deadliest tragedy in the history of the industry, according to IndustriALL. Primark, Benetton, Mango, El Corte Inglés or WalMart they were currently producing part of its collection, although these factories have passed a number of large fashion companies, from Inditex, H & M.

To the Trust Fund of donors frog square missing even 8.5 $ million to get to the calculated amount of the 30 million dollars, which will go to the victims of the disaster. From IndustriALL Global Union, UNI Global Union and the clean clothes campaign return to focus on brands that intervened in frog square and which have not yet provided an important donation.

Donations from companies such as Walmart, Mango and The Children’s Place has been “insignificant”

Currently 21.5 million the Fund have been obtained through contributions of buyers, the background of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh and other private donors, according to IndustriALL. Donations from companies like Walmart, Mango or The Children’s Place they have been “insignificant”, according to the Union. While companies such as Lee Cooper, JC Penny, Matalan and Kik “have not paid the required amount”.

Most of the amounts contributed to the Fund by the companies have not communicated. Through the official website you can see the list which participated, among them also found to Inditex. Although several months ago that it had discontinued in frog square Zara company participated in the Fund with a significant amount.

It is surprising to see little donation by U.S. companies which joined in the BRAC USA for only $ 2.2 million. A small donation watching their bulging accounts of annual results: Walmart earned net income of $ 16.363 billion in 2014, Gap Inc. of 1.280 billion dollars and The Children completo Place 63.2 million of dollars.

Benetton to the social pressure

Benetton It is a case apart. The Italian brand has been one of the most marked, since from the beginning they distanced from the process and not assumed responsibilities, according to IndustriALL, nor in the participation of the Fund for the victims nor in the agreements on safety in the construction of buildings and fire protection systems systems, where if a large number of firms have been involved and it has been one of the most important following frog square steps by passing a greater security and control of the facilities and improving the conditions of workers. “Since IndustriALL claim that”Benetton has not paid a penny to the Fund”.

“Benetton has not paid a penny to the Fund,” according to IndustriALL

The Italian company announced last Feb. 20 that would participate in the Fund after having suffered a campaign of pressure from public opinion so that would do it. More than one million people signed a petition online at Avaaz urging the company to do so. As very late, on April 24, it will make the payment, before he is waiting that a third international party (whose identity has not given to know) to evaluate their level of participation in the Fund, according to reports from Benetton.

Since Benetton emphasize that in may 2013 already launched its own assistance program victims collaborating with the BRAC ONG, which gave support to 280 people, including workers and families in medical and financial issues, with the intention of “rebuild a sustainable future”, according to the statement from Benetton. Through BRAC they unpacked all their factories so that they comply with security commitments.

Primark, 11 million of 14 promised

Primark It has been located in the otherwise. The Irish company was one of the hardest hit by the tragedy, since he had 668 employees in the second part of the factory through your provider New Wave Bottons. Rather than put his head under the ground like an ostrich Primark immediately took charge of what happened and promised $ 14 million people affected by Rana Plaza.

Primark has paid 14 million promised $ 11

The payments began arriving in March 2014 and today Primark says to pay 11 million of the total. 95% of workers and relatives of Rana Plaza have already received compensation, according to the company. The remaining percentage missing delivered requests recently either need a very high support, says Primark in its press release. 3 of these million have been assigned to aid for workers in the competition, who has also given another 2 million in aid or in cash. Primark has earmarked another 1 million extra Fund trust of donors of Rana Plaza, in addition to signing the agreement on security and fire.