Outfit of the Day: Can You Dare Still Wearing Kenzo Sweater?

by | April 1, 2017

I today overslept, honestly. Not much, but enough to get in these frantic mode, in which it haphazardly through the House rushes and at the end takes longer than usual, although seeking speed yet so very. Anyway, taking such situations like to tried and true favorite pieces in the closet. Make sure to go. My first look so fell on the Red Sweater of Kenzo in primary optics and when my conscience then turned on me and “finally times again pull him, the purchase must have paid off but!” against sweaty, the thing was more or less carved. Rock over it and dusty sneakers on, finally I had to run Yes.

Now I am now arrived at the Office and got a few times deep one and breathed out. And looked down at me. And asked me: you can walk around sweater actually even in this Kenzo?

Now all ROAR again, of course “Yes, of course, as long as you feel comfortable, you can carry everything!” and others say maybe: “I found that thing eh always embarrassing.” so easy’s but somehow not. Because I love that sweater in fact, otherwise I would have spent so much money for it. The stripes, the Eiffel Tower, the coloured letters. Now it is but so that of course quite a few fashion girls love that sweater. And also, if I know not have eaten the individuality of God with spoons, I avoid extremely blatant blogger fads (such as for example Margiela candy bag for H & M) sometimes, although my own heart when watching it beats faster. Why actually? Because I still have a problem with that, “blogger” to be called? Because I sometimes even laugh me the way to the Bank and think nasty things like “Ah, that there is Jeffrey Campbell Litas – blogger, of course!”? Probably, Yes. Because I do not want are put into a drawer, where I’m already up to his chin in. Resistance is futile. And yet this pointless. Because: I like Kenzo. I like blogger. So, I should have no problem so to look exactly as you would expect from Internet fashion girl. Lead:

However, the most important is: are even not (too) seriously. Because at the end it is with such thoughts probably as or alone because this happens all in our own minds. Nobody else gives af.

Jacket: weekday, blouse: weekday, sweater: Kenzo, rock: COS, shoes: Nike, T-Shirt: German Garment, hood to the flipping: Eliza black.