Musketeer Boots: Learn to Combine Them

by | March 17, 2018

As I write this article I could not help put Roy Orbison background singing “oh pretty woman, walking down the street, oh pretty woman…”. Not imagine a Julia Roberts with his boots above the knees in the film that surely catapulted her to fame. And to a seductive Richard Gere inviting up to his brand new Lotus Sprit SE of the 90’s!

But until this type of boots were a weapon of seduction back in that decade, musketeer boots were a symbol against the imposed in the 1950s ultra feminine aesthetic, as they always had been intended exclusively to the male gender. First were the men who rode on horseback, then the Musketeers, and even pirates. Who doesn’t remember seeing movies the pirate boots by the knees?

And now returning to 2016 and leaving us regressions in time, more than one you may ask how to musketeer boots without seeming d’Artagnan or a pretty woman. So I will give you a few basic tricks that you will be easy to apply.

How to combine boots Musketeers or over the knee boots?

Material and color of the boot is very important. If they are bright can run the risk of you confused with Julia Roberts, so bet by the de velvet, suede, or leather, which is always much more sophisticated. In addition, the velvet is fashionable.

As for the colors, dark slim your legs. Although if you’re thin, medium or high stature, any tone you sit well. Black, beige and grey are the colors that you might be easier to take. And if you prefer a note of color, Garnet as the of the high boots of cover – designer Stuart Weitzman photography – is one of the trends of the 2016-2017 season.

Combine them with a dress with sleeves, and short skirts, either jeans. That Yes, prevents necklines. Already there is enough with teach legs. Less is more. As I used to tell the designer Coco Chanel: “Vulgar dress and you will only see dress, dress elegant and you will see the woman”. Therefore dispense with flashy plug-ins and allow the role to your high boots, is also a good choice. Finally, what jacket to wear? What hassle! Without a doubt, an oversize mid-calf or knee wrap, you will get out of troubles. An American, will too as Pedro Miralles shows us the signature below on Instagram photo.