Monica Belluci Image of Cartier, Revives The Italian Glamour

by | April 15, 2017

Monica Belluci has already spent ten years working with Cartier in several events, campaigns and moments in which the actress has opted for the jewels of the French firm. For this reason, the signature jewelry has decided that to celebrate, the Belluci will be the global image of this year.

It has conducted a campaign in which the Italian actress shows the multifascetica that is embodying different characters. From one Sofia Loren Youth and very glamorous to a hindu Princess or androgynous woman in the 1930s ’ s.

All framing fabulous jewels from diamonds, Platinum, pearls and precious stones that characterize the Cartier name with the glamorous and very Italian beauty of the Belluci. One of the “ food & wine ” best I’ve seen so far. I love above all as the glamour of Italian cinema revives.