Look of the day: Bridgat Fashion Channel

by | May 9, 2016

After yesterday’s rout, I was thinking of what to post here on the blog and I decided to accept the Fight, forget the World Cup and talking about a nation that doesn’t disappoint us ever: The Chinese girl’s fashion lines!

To try to lift the mood, today I will show you a Look of the day with that shirt that just arrived. As you well know, orders are taking a life to arrive. This tee , I bought in April and just arrived last week. It was getting worried, but then I saw the following message on the site:

“We announce to our customers that, due to the World Cup tournament in Brazil, the process of sending and delivery of applications Bridgat is suffering delays ranging from 30 to 40 days, the term regular surpluses. We guarantee the monitoring the distribution process with the responsible national bodies and we regret the possible inconvenience caused. Thank you for understanding. “

That is, if you stay calm, it’s all the fault of the Cup, and one day, the postman will be making our happiness!

Returning to the blouse, it looks pretty hot and is available in black and white. The only bad thing is that it’s one size fits all! It fell right on me, but if you have the full arm, which will be tight on the sleeves.

When I bought the shirt, she was costing $ 9.33, now risen a little, and she’s for $ 10.98, almost R $ 25.00, but I still think it’s worth it.

Upon request of several readers, I thought I’d do a post with the achadinhos of you here, what do you think?