Kaliningrad Arrival and Transport

Kaliningrad Oblast 2

Formalities, visas

The provisions of the Russian Federation apply to entry into the Kaliningrad Region:

German, Austrian and Swiss nationals require a visa for entry, which must be applied for in good time at the responsible consular mission, as well as a passport with at least one blank page that is valid for at least three months after the planned arrival. For the visa, a booking confirmation from the Russian tour operator, proof of accommodation, health insurance valid for the Russian Federation (private international health insurance with return transport) and a return flight or onward travel ticket are required.

Tourists staying in the Russian Federation for more than three days must register their visas with the local police through their hotel or host families or business partners. Private travelers should report to the local police immediately after entering the country. Police registration can also be carried out by the Russian partner of the German, Austrian or Swiss travel company through which the visa was obtained.

Upon entry, you will receive a free migration card on which personal data, the type, duration and purpose of the stay and the accommodation must be noted. This card must be presented when registering the visa with the police (no later than three days after entry!) And handed over to the border protection authorities upon departure.

Issuing of visas in Germany

Consular Department of the Embassy of the Russian Federation

Behrenstrasse 66

10117 Berlin

Tel.: 0049- (0) 30-22651184 (Visa questions)

Email: [email protected]

Visa section of the Russian Federation

Reichensteiner Weg 34-36

14195 Berlin

Tel.: 0049- (0) 30-8327004

Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany
c/o Hotel Albertina
Uliza Demjana Bednogo 13-a
236029 Kaliningrad
Tel.: 007 – (0) 4012 – 32 69 23
Email: [email protected]

Issuing of visas in Austria and Switzerland

See under Representations of the Russian Federation in Austria and Switzerland in the section Travel Info Russia.

Import and export of goods

Local currency
The tax exemption for importing and exporting local currency is 50,000 rubles.

Foreign currency
There is no limit to the importation of foreign currencies, but there is an obligation to declare from an amount equivalent to US $ 1,500. Due to the stricter foreign exchange regulations, you should urgently declare any amount of cash upon entry. Foreign currencies can be exported up to a maximum of the declared imported amount minus the exchanged amounts (entry of the exchange in the foreign exchange form). When exporting larger amounts, the origin must be documented.

Import and export of goods
The import and export of weapons, ammunition, explosives, pornography, drugs/ narcotics (and anything that can be considered as accessories for drug use) and third party items are strictly prohibited. In addition, the import and export of protected plants, animals, certain types of fruit and vegetables, as well as photographs and printed media directed against the Russian Federation are prohibited. Violation can result in severe penalties. The import of all things required for the stay and the trip is permitted. Valuables must be declared upon entry so that they can be exported again without any problems. Antiques, works of art, typewriters, cameras, manuscripts, weapons and ammunition for hunting purposes, Currencies and valuable metals and gemstones are subject to certain import and export regulations. Contact the Embassy of the Russian Federation for details. There is an export ban for objects with historical, scientific, artistic or cultural value.

The following articles can be imported into the Russian Federation duty-free: for people over 17 years of age 400 cigarettes or 200 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 500 g tobacco and 2 l alcoholic beverages, as well as perfume for personal use, goods, gifts and other goods up to one Value of US $ 10,000.

Please note that a customs declaration must be completed upon entry, which you must present to the customs officer upon departure. All private items imported, including currencies and valuables, must be recorded on this form. It is advisable to inquire about the current customs regulations when entering the country in order to avoid lengthy customs formalities.

Kaliningrad: arrival and transport

How to get to the Kaliningrad Region

Car, bus
There are three road border crossings to Poland, one of which can only be used by citizens of Poland and Russia, and a rail border crossing for passenger traffic. Major roads also lead to Moscow and St. Petersburg

From Chabrowo Airport (Powunden) there are several visa-free domestic flights a day to the Russian heartland. There are also connections to Berlin, Copenhagen and Warsaw.

transit trains without disembarkation in Lithuania or Belarus go to the Russian heartland, but a transit visa is required when purchasing a ticket.


A visa-free ferry connection runs from Baltijsk (Pillau) to St. Petersburg, the journey takes 48 hours. Fast ferries are planned for the future that will only take 15 hours.

Travel in the country


The railway network of Kaliningrad Oblast is about 645 km long, 95 km of which (the routes from Kaliningrad to Svetlogorsk and Zelenogradsk) are electrified.


Much of the traffic in the oblast is covered by buses.


The total length of the road network is almost 7,000 km. A motorway-like expressway was built between Kaliningrad and Talpaki near Znamensk.

Traffic rules

To avoid trouble with the police or even the courts, drivers should strictly adhere to the traffic regulations in force in the country. Regardless of the information given here, it is advisable to obtain more detailed information from the ADAC, the AvD or the Russian traffic clubs.

Top speeds

Urban: In built-up areas there is a speed limit of 60 km/h.

Country roads: There is a speed limit of 90 km/h on country roads.

Motorways: There is a speed limit of 100 km/h on motorways

(if the driver’s license is not older than 2 years, from 70 km).

In addition, it is of course necessary to pay attention to the current local speed limits, which are indicated by traffic signs.

Blood alcohol limits
The official blood alcohol limit in Russia for drivers of motor vehicles is 0.0.

International license plate

The international license plate of Russia and therefore Kaliningrad is:


Kaliningrad Oblast 2