How Well Does a 10-Euro Sunglasses Protect?

by | February 9, 2017

You know: walking holiday you discovered a pair of sunglasses, which apparently could be a high-quality brand model, but costs only a few cents. Slamming you now or not? Is that what looks good to our eye? Our site asked the experts.

In the summer you can never have enough of them: sunglasses in different colors, shapes and with different tinted glasses. Unfortunately, the Chic brand models are often relatively expensive. Alternatively you could access although cheap glasses, often lots of offered by those on holiday at the beach, but: these are harmful to the eye at the end?

Beware of inferior glasses
The treacherous on bad Sunglasses: But not protect from the brightness from the harmful UV rays of sunlight. The reason: The darkness overrides a natural protective mechanism of the eye, specifically the narrowing of the pupil in bright light. The pupils dilate with dark glasses before the eyes – now harmful rays can penetrate the eye, damage the retina and lead to aktuten or chronic impairments.

Cheap is not cheap
You basically take a chance at extremely attractive bargain offers in the Junk shop or stall. Means: may the models does not offer the necessary protection – your eyes may but also. Caution: Let’s not be fooled by the CE marking! The seal of approval, which promises a UV protection for light of a wavelength up to 380 nanometers, although duty is in Germany and across Europe is audited by any point however. Each manufacturer can equip his model so unchecked that.

Not so with the optician, where there’s sometimes also glasses for under 10 euros. Whether these correspond to the necessary standard of quality, can insure themselves not only from the sales or based on supposed label market, but also check. Authorized stores have equipment that can test the UV-protection glass.

Darker is not better!
Many glasses buyers believe that glasses the better protect against damage to the eyes, they are dark. In truth, the case can be the exact opposite but because (as mentioned above) the pupils open more in apparent darkness. This can be fatal at dubious quality of glasses. Interesting: Bright glasses offer some good protection from UV rays.

Our site was advised by the optician stores Abele optics and Studio optics sang in Frankfurt am Main.