How to Wear a Fringed Jacket without Appearing Coyote Dax

by | May 6, 2017

Already Cowboys and Indians, can be prepared because the fringe jackets they are emerging as more daring, Demi-season jacket of autumn. Bloggers already look it to give motion to your look and create a style western and very bold rocker.

These jackets with fringe are not easy to wear. Become full players in look and so that they are not excessive, should keep the rest of the outfit under control: it is best to wear them with jeans or black pants. But it seems that you are natural Texas and you’ve left you at home cowboy hat.

As for colors, are the fringe jackets in the natural color of Suede, but also in red, or black leather.

If you want a really special garment, East poncho leather fringed Zara TRF It is a piece of collection. The penalty is that it costs 119 eurazos.

Another place to find this type of jackets and coats of fringe: the vintage shopping, and thus add authenticity to your style.

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