How to Get to Majorda, India

Majorda, India

Direct flights to Dabolim Airport (20 km from Majorda) are made by Rossiya from Moscow Vnukovo, travel time 6 hours 45 minutes, round trip ticket price 430 USD. Es Seven, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Air France and other airlines fly from Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo to Goa with one or two transfers. The minimum travel time one way is 11 hours with a change in Doha. Only flights with two transfers are available to residents of St. Petersburg. Qatar Airways performs them the fastest – in 14 hours 5 minutes with transfers in Moscow and Doha.

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of India is 1.393 billion (2021).

How to get from the airport to Majorda

Taxis can be taken at the parking lot near the airport – the price list for their services is posted here, they will take 500-600 INR to Majorda. According to the locals, although not regularly, buses also go to the resort – the parking lot is across the street from the airport, the ticket costs 15 INR, the point of arrival should be checked with the driver.


Traffic in South Goa, as elsewhere in India, is left-handed, plentiful and chaotic, when buses, cars, “sacred animals”, rickshaws and bikes move in the same stream. What can cause two reactions in a tourist: “is it possible to ride like that ?!” and “cool! so you can ride.” For those who belong to the first category, it is better to take a taxi (comfortable) or a rickshaw (color). Extreme tourists can be carefully advised to rent a bike or scooter.


They go both within settlements (stop on demand) and between them (shuttles go non-stop). Preferred for trips to large towns and cities. In the Majorda region, you can take the bus at stops in the village of Nuvem near the local church (Nuvem, 403713) and at the Parakas stop (Pacheco Vaddo, Majorda, 403713). The fare depends on the distance traveled and is 10-30 INR. Equipped bus stops in Majorda are rare, as are signs on buses. Therefore, with a question about the route or with a request to stop, you should contact the driver or conductor directly (there are some). It takes 1.5 hours to drive to the state capital of Panaji, and two hours to North Goa.


The average cost of a trip is 200-400 INR. It is possible and necessary to bargain, but not with those taxi drivers who stand at the entrance to the airport or hotel – they do not fundamentally reduce the price. It is better to walk a few tens of meters, then there is a chance to take a car for adequate money. The cost must be negotiated in advance, otherwise at the end of the trip you can get an unreasonably high bill.


Good old rickshaws – a symbol of Asia – are also in Majorda. They are designed for two people, luggage is discussed separately. Prices are slightly lower than for a taxi, but there is less comfort. The main rule is to make sure that the counter is zero and first discuss the price of the trip with the driver.


Hotels massively offer tourists bicycle rentals, but you should not ride them on the main road. Pedalers here are simply not considered full-fledged participants in the movement, there is almost no corresponding infrastructure, and it’s hot.

Rent of cars, bikes and scooters

The favorite “theme” of advanced tourists is to travel around Asia on a bike or scooter along with the locals. To take or not to take – everyone decides for himself. We wrote about the peculiarities of the movement above (inside the villages of Majorda it is, of course, calmer), the rental price depends on the model of the “iron horse”: a scooter will cost 200-400 INR / day, a bike – 500-800 INR / day.

Helmets are mandatory: the local police watch foreign drivers quite closely and do not miss the opportunity to profit at their expense. As experienced tourists say, if you are stopped and demand money, then bargaining is appropriate here.

But car rental is not popular among vacationers in Majorda, because the streets here are narrow, the traffic is strange, the rental price is rather big, traffic jams are common, parking is terrible.

Majorda Hotels

Most conveniently located in Majorda are old hotels: they were built even before the ban on the construction of such establishments near the sea came into force. Those who are not afraid of the distance from the beach (from 300 m to 1 km or more) can choose a more modern hotel. From the budget, for example, The Treehouse Blue 3 * – a day in it will cost from 2900 INR, and at the Alila Diwa Goa 5 * hotel – from 6700 INR.

Living in Majorda hotels, you can witness a traditional Indian wedding ceremony, which is held right on the beach.

The so-called guesthouses also offer a good level of service – there are about 20 of them in Majorda. For a day in C Pearl, a tourist will be asked from 1600 INR, while even a chapel can be found in the list of services provided.

You should pay attention to the check-in time: it can be either 13:00 or 15:00.

Majorda, India