Fashion in Favor of The Unit: Gucci, Burberry and Tom Ford Say ‘No’ to The Parades by Sex

by | March 26, 2018

With Burberry head and bid for the both models and designs adroginia as a leitmotiv of the catwalks, Gucci He decided to follow in the footsteps of the British firm and confirmed via press release that from January of 2017, it will present a unique collection in which you can observe male and female designs. In this way both firms break with fashion weeks known so far duplicate calendars.

Fashion womenswear Burberry autumn/winter 2016 / 2017

As he has assured the company, Gucci will present their collections of man and woman in a same fashion show from next year. “For me the natural is present the collections of man and woman at the same time; This is how I see the sector right now”adds Alessandro Michele, current creative director of Gucci. However, Alessandro is aware of the risks that this decision involves and adds “it will not be an easy path and we will surely find some problems, but I think that it will give me the opportunity to make a different from my stories narration”.

“For me the natural is present the collections of man and woman at the same time; It’s like I see the sector right now,”- Alessandro Michele

However, Burberry and Gucci are not alone in this new path undertaken towards the unification of the catwalks and the presentation of a unique collection of both female and male. Tom Ford and Vetements have also joined the proposal and adopt this structure of parade from January of 2017.

It is Gucci still not said that it will adopt the new strategy of Burberry and Tom Ford of immediate sale (or the overly immediate Vetements), although it might be the next firm to join shop in real-time movement time.