Entertainment and Attractions in Hurghada, Egypt

Attractions in Hurghada, Egypt

To feel the spirit of Hurghada and the mentality of the Egyptians, head to the Old City, El Dahar district. In the labyrinth of winding streets, you can fully breathe in the air of the resort town and feel its frantic rhythm. There are also cafes and restaurants, souvenir shops and most of the historical sights.

Among them, the El-Mina Mosque (the former mosque of Abdulhasan Elshazi) is the main and largest in Hurghada. She is equally beautiful in the dark and daylight hours. During the day, its minarets, whose height reaches 40 m, are visible from afar, and at night, colorful illumination turns on, which gives the Islamic temple a mysterious look.

Tourists may not be allowed inside (it is important to guess the time of the visit), but the snow-white marble facades with ornate oriental patterns are no less beautiful than the interior decoration. See BRIDGAT.COM for climate and weather information of Egypt.

There is also a Christian shrine in Hurghada – the Coptic Church. From the inside, it is a bit like Russian Orthodox churches, and from the outside, elements of Christian and Islamic architecture are closely intertwined. The church is active, its parishioners are Copts (Orthodox Egyptians).

You can get a closer look at the flora and fauna of the Red Sea at the Museum of Marine Biology. Along with a research station that studies the inhabitants of the underwater depths and the ecosystem, there is an exposition that contains a large collection of fish, crustaceans, corals and plants. Experienced guides will tell you about the features of the sea and share interesting facts about the living organisms inhabiting it.

Having walked enough in the historical center, you can go on a trip through the desert on baggies or go on a boat to Giftun Island. In addition, there are two strongholds of Middle Eastern Christianity near Hurghada, namely the Coptic (Orthodox) monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Paul.

The resort’s most famous street is the Sheraton, which connects the sea promenade with the historic center of El Dahar. It is always noisy and crowded here, but the crowd consists exclusively of tourists and souvenir dealers. The latter are not just a lot, but a lot. In addition, there are plenty of eateries where you can have a bite to eat during the day, and restaurants where you can spend a pleasant evening.

And here is what the heroine of our interview says Elena, who has been living in Egypt for 10 years: “There are many places in Hurghada that are worth visiting for a tourist. Of the free ones, I will name Mamsha Street, Marina, Sherry Street. There you can take a walk, eat national dishes in cafes and buy souvenirs. Not far from Hurghada is Sahl Hasheesh – a beautiful place with many hotels, cafes, beaches and beautiful architecture. This is a separate area, even a resort. By taxi you can get there in 20 minutes. Another resort near Hurghada is El Gouna. Built in Venetian style. There is also a promenade for walking, hotels, clubs, shops, cafes, beaches.”

5 things to do in Hurghada

  1. Decide to try the most exotic dish.
  2. Bargain the best price in the market.
  3. Go to the Bedouin village on a quad bike.
  4. Explore the treasures of the underwater world near Giftun Island.
  5. Go to the show “A Thousand and One Nights” and feel like a hero of an Arabian fairy tale.

Hurghada for children

Resting with children in Hurghada is a pleasure. Many hotels and restaurants have game rooms and special menus. Funny carousels and water slides are installed on most beaches, and places where you can spend time with the whole family are more than enough.

The Hurghada Aquarium at the Sea Life Hotel has a rich collection of fish (clownfish, surgeonfish, sharks, moray eels, seahorses – more than 300 species in total), octopuses, corals, starfish, sea anemones and other living creatures.

Entertainment is added by rooms and corridors with transparent walls and ceilings, behind which life is in full swing.

To immerse yourself in a real oriental fairy tale, go to the Thousand and One Nights Palace. In the evening, its view is mesmerizing – stunning oriental architecture, illuminated by illumination, makes you believe that you really are in the dwelling of Arab sheikhs. The show program will bring great pleasure to children and adults – theatrical performances dedicated to ancient Egyptian rituals, circus tricks with horses and camels, authentic music and sophisticated dancers in flying clothes.

Another bonus of holidays with children in Egypt: the locals are very friendly and love children. Never blame if a child breaks or spills something. They will always say with a smile: “Maalesh!” (“It’s okay!”), And they will continue to regale with all sorts of goodies.

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Hurghada has a tropical desert climate. There is very little precipitation, light rains occur only in autumn, the rest of the time the city is very dry. The swimming season does not stop all year round, as does the flow of tourists, which only thins out a little in early spring and early winter.

Many people prefer to celebrate New Year and Christmas in warm Hurghada, although at this time, due to cold winds, swimming in the sea is not as comfortable as in summer.

The best time for a beach holiday is from May to November. The heat reaches its peak in July and August, at the same time hotels in Hurghada are literally overcrowded, it is better to book accommodation for this period in advance.

Attractions in Hurghada, Egypt