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Charles Darwin and the naturalist Alexander von Humboldt discovered their love for this small country with its impressive biodiversity . The unique flora and fauna enchants with Darwin’s finches, Andean condors and poison dart frogs. 20% of the animal and plant species cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

According to PROEXCHANGERATES, the enchanting Ecuador combines dense jungle with imposing Andean landscapes and stormy coastlines in a very small area . Cotopaxi, located near the capital Quito, is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world. The Galapagos Islands belonging to Ecuador are particularly fascinating – every nature lover gets their money’s worth here, especially on a Galapagos cruise .


Language: Spanish, Quechua

Foreign language: English

Capital: Quito, approx. 1.6 million inhabitants, 2,850 m above sea level.

Local time: CET -6 hours / CET -7 hours (Galápagos)

Airport fee upon departure: 45 US $ (as of August 2016; partly included in the flight ticket)

Entry requirements: Valid passport (valid for at least 6 months) for stays of up to 90 days. Proof of the required return or onward travel documents as well as sufficient funds for the stay.

Vaccination regulations: Mandatory: yellow fever when entering from areas of infection (such as from Perú). Yellow fever is recommended when traveling to the Amazon lowlands.

Currency regulations : Currency unit: 1 US $ = 100 cents

Recommendation: US $ cash, EC card with Maestro symbol, credit card

Power supply: 110 volts AC, 60 Hz., US leaf plug

Best travel time: all year round. Increased rainfall from November to May.

Food: Depending on the region, the coast offers ceviche (raw fish cubes marinated with onions, chilli and lime juice), seafood and sweet potatoes; in the Andes lama, cuy (guinea pig), goat and sopas such as Locro (corn stew). Churrasco, grilled piece of meat with tomatoes, rice, avocado and onions is also on the menu. In the Amazon there are also plantains, cassava (yucca), sweet potatoes and river fish such as pirañas. Drinks: Morocho (boiled milk with added sugar, corn kernels and raisins)

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13 days round trip from Quito to Guayaquil incl. 5 days Galápagos cruise

  • Everything from a single source: can also be booked with flights from Germany / Austria / Switzerland
  • Exclusively for 2 people(cruise with other participants)
  • Travel with a private guide
  • Implementation every Monday, Saturday and Sunday

Experience nature and enjoy luxury! This trip is under this motto. In addition to the capital Quito, the north of Ecuador and the region of the Cotopaxi National Park are on the program, as well as the village of Baños with its picturesque waterfalls. The tour concludes with a cruise in the famous Galápagos Archipelago.

Day 1: Arrival in Quito

Welcome by your personal, German-speaking tour guide in Quito and transfer to the luxury hotel in the city center.

Day 2: Quito Exquisite

The unique tour takes you through the winding streets of the old town of Quito in a completely different way. With your guide, you will explore the traditions, history and lifestyle of this enchanting city. You start with culinary delights in the Cobo family pastry shop and are then whisked away on a little journey through time into Quito’s past in the ancient “moon temple”. During the course of the day, you will experience the world’s best and multiple award-winning chocolate and become a real chocolatier yourself. Be creative and mix a wide variety of fruits, herbs and spices with the famous chocolate bean. Snacking included! The tour continues to the impressive Compañía de Jesús basilica, which is almost dazzling due to the variety of its gold leaf decorations. There you will initiate the master craftsmen of the “Escuela Quiteña” in the secrets of the colonial style and restoration. During the subsequent visit to a workshop for traditional hats, you can even actively participate in the production yourself. To top it off, a culinary highlight awaits you in the gourmet restaurant Nuema in the evening. Let yourself be pampered with the delicacies of the fine cuisine of Ecuador. FA

Day 3: Quito – Cuicocha – San Clemente – Hacienda Zuleta

Today’s excursion will first take you to one of the most picturesque photo stops of your trip to Lake San Pablo. With the Imbabura volcano, which rises in the background, you are presented with a first-class postcard motif. The grand panorama tour continues to the imposing vantage point at the Cuicocha crater lagoon. For lunch you will visit the community of San Clemente. As you will see, a very special encounter! After lunch together, we accompany their members in their everyday life and get to know your activities. In the evening we arrive at the exclusive, historic Hacienda Zuleta, the residence of the former president … and at the same time your home for two nights. F / M / A

Day 4: Hacienda Zuleta

Today you can choose from our wide range of optional activities. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the stately hacienda or explore the surrounding area on a leisurely hike. A visit to the Hacienda’s own cheese factory is almost a MUST. But you will also remember a trip to the condor conservation project. The day can be made a little more active with a horse ride or a bike tour (each with a surcharge on site). F / M / A

Day 5: Hacienda Zuleta – Cotopaxi National Park

After breakfast we drive to Cayambe for a guided tour of the famous rose finca La Compañía. There you will experience the rearing of roses, one of the export hits of Ecuador. After a delicious traditional lunch in the nearby Hacienda Molino San Juan, our way leads to the historic Hacienda San Agustin del Callo. First you can explore them to learn more about the history and archeology before the alpacas of the hacienda are waiting to be taken into your heart. F / M / A

Day 6: Cotopaxi National Park

Today is a real highlight. The Panamericana leads to the highest still active volcano on earth, the “Cotopaxi” (5,897m). You have the opportunity to climb from the parking lot at an altitude of 4,500 m to the José Rivas mountain hut (approx. 360 m) or even further up to just over the 5,000 mark. After this impressive experience, you will drive through the lahar fields to the idyllic Limpiopungo lagoon, a lake at an altitude of 3,800m at the foot of the Rumiñahui mountain. For lunch we return to the hacienda, where you can relax in your exquisite gem in the afternoon. F / M / A

Day 7: Cotopaxi National Park – Quilotoa – Baños

The first destination is the Quilotoa crater lagoon, which offers you a wonderful view and at the same time is the starting point for an unforgettable mini excursion. From here you can hike down to the crater rim for around 1.5 hours and then return to the starting point on mules. Then the tranquil town of Baños, also known as the “gateway to the jungle”, awaits you. Experience the transition from the highlands to the jungle region up close. The day ends comfortably in the First Class Hotel Spa Volcan. Let your mind wander in the spa and sauna area and enjoy the fantastic view before you are pampered with dinner. F / LB / A

Day 8: Baños – Quito

Today we take you in the morning to the picturesque surroundings of Baños with its numerous waterfalls, such as the “Pailón del diablo”. Then there is time to stroll through the idyllic small town of Baños with your guide before we head for a viewpoint that offers you a great view of the often active volcano Tungurahua. In the afternoon you go back to the luxury hotel in Quito (approx. 4 hours), where you can relax or immerse yourself in the fascinating old town streets. F.

Day 9: Quito – Galápagos

Transfer / flight to the Galápagos Islands. FA

10.-12. Day: Galápagos

This fascinating archipelago about 1,000 km off the Pacific coast of Ecuador is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its unique and incomparable flora and fauna. Despite strict regulations for entering and driving in this region, we offer you guided tours of discovery to the various islands during your “Luxury Class” cruise and also offer the opportunity to discover the underwater world while snorkeling and to play with sea lions. F / M / A

Day 13: Galápagos – Guayaquil

Flight back to Guayaquil (mainland). F.

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