Dodoma, Tanzania

Dodoma, Tanzania

As the capital, and the city forever in the shadow of Dar es Salaam, Dodoma is a manifesto of human determination contrary to habit and common sense. The buildings intended for high officials never witnessed their fateful decisions for the good of the country, and today the government comes to Dodoma only for the weekend, still based in Dar es Salaam. However, despite this minority, Dodoma is a very lively and cheerful city: there are two universities and, as a result, many restaurants, bars and discos (by the way, Dodoma is also a developing wine-growing region). In addition to entertainment, the city saturates with spiritual food Рone of the important Sikh temples is located here. According to petwithsupplies, Dodoma is one of the largest cities in Tanzania.

How to get there

Dodoma has its own airport serving only domestic flights. To get to this city from Russia, it is more convenient to arrive at Dar es Salaam airport, from where you can get to Dodoma by Air Zara domestic flights. Flight time is 1 hour.

Dar es Salaam and Dodoma are also connected by a stable bus service. There are many buses leaving daily, avoiding the long wait in Dar es Salaam. Among the most comfortable buses are Shabibi Buses (the cost of the trip is about 24,000 TZS). Distance – 490 km, travel time – about 6 hours (with a stop in Morogoro).

Dodoma is located on the main railway line linking Dar es Salaam with Kigoma. Theoretically, you can use this type of transport, but keep in mind that in reality, many hours of train delays are possible and breakdowns along the way are not ruled out.

Transport in the city

You can get around Dodoma by taxi – there are more than enough cars here. A short trip within the city center will cost between 2000-4000 TZS. In addition, fans of “going to the people” are invited to ride on public transport – “dala-dala” buses. Routes around Dodoma and its environs are dark; the starting and ending points are indicated on the windshield, but when entering the bus, be sure to check whether you will get to the place you need. We advise you to clarify loudly and clearly, as well as to ask again. The fare costs a penny – less than 400 TZS.

There are also several bike rentals in Dodoma. For a day of rent, they ask for 6500-8500 TZN.

Cuisine and restaurants of Dodoma

Dodoma has a decent number of expats, and you can dine here not only with English and Tanzanian dishes, but also with European, Asian, Indian and Chinese cuisines. Recommended places include New Dodoma’s restaurant, Rose’s Caf√©, Chuka la Chuka and Veta. Delicious Italian dishes are served at Leone Africano (near the airport). You can drink a mug of beer in the Climax Club and Rose Garden. Also check out local wines produced by Tanganyika Vineyards Company.

In Dodoma, you can try the “folk” grilled pork called kiti moto. In a street restaurant, a weighty kilogram portion of meat with salad will cost 2 USD. Sensitive natures should refrain from such an experience: pigs are slaughtered here.

Shopping and shops

Most tourist-worthy shops are located in the center of Dodoma between the airport and the railway station. Here you can buy a variety of souvenirs and trinkets: ebony figurines, mineral jewelry and more expensive items with semi-precious and precious stones (for example, with a local curiosity – tanzanite, as well as rubies, sapphires, emeralds and garnets). From the gifts of nature in Tanzania, pay attention to the spices of Zanzibar (vanilla, cloves, nutmeg) and honey from the outskirts of Tabora, which is considered a delicacy in the country.

Entertainment and attractions Dodoma

There are not many attractions in the city itself – most of the architectural monuments are located in Dar es Salaam. The more or less noteworthy buildings include a complex of urban buildings (also earthquake-resistant), intended for the Parliament of the country, which never moved to Dodoma.

The buildings of the Parliament can only be captured in memory – they cannot be photographed.

Among the buildings of the cult, the Ismaily Mosque, Lutheran, Anglican and Catholic cathedrals can be distinguished. One of the most significant Sikh temples is based in Dodoma. Access there is open to everyone, and caretakers invariably offer guests tea with a sweet treat.

The recently opened Geological Museum (Museum of Geosciences) also deserves attention.

To view the city from a height, head to Lion Rock, located a few kilometers northeast of the center of Dodoma. The climb is easy and the view is amazing. It is recommended that you do not do this alone, as robbers come across in this area.

Dodoma, Tanzania