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At 4,300 kilometers long – but only 180 kilometers wide – Chile, located on the southeastern edge of the South American continent, offers pure variety : In the south, the expanses of Patagonia (with the famous Torres del Paine National Park) and the varied Chilean Switzerland. In the center the modern capital Santiago and the fertile wine region. In the north the fascinating Atacama Desert .

In addition, the mystical Easter Island Rapa Nui in the Pacific , the island of Chiloé and the Juan Fernández Islands (including the Robinson Crusoe Island ) belong to the national territory.

According to PROZIPCODES, Chile ranks first in the Human Development Index within Latin America and is one of the safest travel destinations . It is ideal for a rental car tour . You can explore endless deserts, pristine rainforests, the Andes, volcanoes, glaciers and lakes at your own pace.


Language: Spanish

Capital: Santiago de Chile, approx. 6 million inhabitants, 500 m above sea level

Local time:
CET -4 hours (October – March)
CET -5 hours (April – September)
CET -6 hours (Easter Island October – March)
CET -7 hours (Easter Island April – September)

Entry requirements: Valid passport (valid for at least 6 months) for stays of up to 90 days.

Vaccination regulations Easter Island: Yellow fever vaccination compulsory when entering from countries of infection, please inform yourself at the Tropical Institute.

Foreign exchange regulations: Currency unit 1 Chilean Peso (CLP) = 100 Centavos

Recommendation: US $ bills in small bills. EC cards with the Maestro symbol are accepted by almost all banks. International credit cards are accepted in all major hotels and shops.

Power supply: 220 volts alternating current, 50 Hz., Normal 2-pole plug

Best travel time: Patagonia is best to travel in the summer months from October to April. In the north there is a warm and dry climate all year round, with the nights in the high Andes cooling off considerably. Rainy season in the north from January to March.


Chile is located on the southeastern edge of South America and stretches for almost 4,300 kilometers from north to south on a narrow strip between the Andes and the Pacific. On this way across three climate zones, from the driest desert in the world to the Antarctic ice, Chile offers its visitors an incomparable natural diversity. Experience this diversity and the Chilean culture directly on one of our Chile trips, in one of the safest travel destinations in Latin America.

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In creating the world, God simply threw everything he had left behind behind a high mountain range on the edge of a great sea – this is how Chile came into being. On a trip through Chile you will understand how this legend came about: mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, fjords, lakes, rivers, islands, deserts and forests in abundance shape the varied Chilean landscapes. Visit with us the Atacama Desert with its salt lakes, geysers and the unforgettable starry sky. Discover the very European-looking capital Santiago, which is hip all over Latin America, and the nearby, historic port city of Valparaíso. And experience the famous Torres del Paine National Park with its extraordinary mountain scenery. The mystical Easter Island “Rapa Nui” also belongs to Chile, as well as “Chiloé” and many other islands worth seeing. With its green landscapes, crystal clear lakes and snow-capped volcanoes, “Chilean Switzerland” invites you to go hiking and trekking in the many national parks. And fertile central Chile is known for its excellent wines.

15 days round trip from / to Santiago de Chile

  • everything from a single source: can also be booked with flights from Germany / Austria / Switzerland
  • from 2 people
  • maximum group size 12 people

This trip takes you to the greatest natural beauties of Chile: the Atacama desert, the lake region and Patagonia, with a special focus on the encounters with the locals. You will take part in the customs and traditions of the Chilean natives and the life of German immigrants of the fifth generation.

Day 1: Santiago de Chile – Valparaiso

Arrival in Santiago de Chile and transfer (approx. 2 hours) to the coast to Valparaiso.

Day 2: Valparaiso & winery

Morning city tour through the pretty coastal town. The program includes a visit to the harbor district, the hills Cerro Allegre and Cerro Concepcion and a ride on one of the famous inclined lifts. In the afternoon visit to a winery in the Casablanca Valley including wine tasting. F.

Day 3: Valparaiso – Santiago de Chile

Transfer back to Santiago de Chile. Afterwards city tour with a visit to the most important sights of the Chilean capital. F.

Day 4: Santiago de Chile – Calama – San Pedro de Atacama

Transfer to the airport and flight to Calama. After your arrival transfer with other participants to the small oasis town of San Pedro de Atacama. In the afternoon you can get to know this charming small town on your own. F.

Day 5: Salar de Atacama & Moon Valley

Visit the desert oasis Toconao and then continue to the huge salt lake Salar de Atacama. In the afternoon excursion to the seemingly unreal moon valley (excursions with other participants). F.

Day 6: Traditions and customs of the Atacameños

Drive to Ayllu community from Coyo. Here you get a good insight into the life of the Atacameño families (e.g. the irrigation system, animal husbandry and typical handicrafts). A unique experience awaits you in the afternoon: the traditional caravan of the Atacameños, a hike with llamas (excursions with other participants). F / M

Day 7: San Pedro de Atacama

The day is free for your own exploration. A trip to the El Tatio geysers is worthwhile (bookable in advance or on site). F.

Day 8: San Pedro de Atacama – Calama – Puerto Varas

In the morning transfer to the airport in Calama and flight via Santiago de Chile to the Chilean lake area to Puerto Montt. From there it goes to the “City of Roses”, to Puerto Varas on Lake Llanquihue. F

Day 9: German immigrants

Drive along Llanquihue Lake to Ensenada. After about an hour you will reach the oldest national park in Chile, the Vicente Perez Rosales. After a stop at the famous Petrohué waterfalls, continue to Todos los Santos Lake. Short walk along the lake, then drive to the north shore of Llanquihue Lake to Las Cascadas. Here you will meet a German immigrant family who have preserved German customs and language skills for five generations. With a typical lunch you will immerse yourself in the eventful history of this family and the German immigrants from the 19th century. In the afternoon, continue to Frutillar, where you can gain more impressions of the difficult times of the early settlements in the open-air museum of German immigrants. F / M

Day 10: Huilliche indigenous people

Today we go to the region of the Huilliche indigenous people, the southern brother people of the Mapuche. In the coastal region of San Juan de la Costa you will get to know the local traditions and enjoy the wonderful coastal landscape. In the afternoon hike to an Alerce forest. Here you will meet the family of the tribal leader Carlos Paillamanque and learn more about the way of life of the Huilliche and Mapuche. On the way you will see the dense and almost untouched rainforests of the Chilean coastal landscape. F.

Day 11: Puerto Varas – Punta Arenas

Transfer to the airport and flight to Punta Arenas. Upon arrival transfer to the center. In the afternoon you can explore the most interesting points of the city on your own. F.

Day 12: Punta Arenas – Torres del Paine National Park

Your journey into the heart of Patagonia begins today. The journey with the public bus (with RL) leads through the typical pampa landscape of the Magallanes region, past huge estancias. In the afternoon you will reach the Torres del Paine National Park. F.

Day 13: Torres del Paine National Park – Puerto Natales

The Torres del Paine National Park is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful national parks on the American continent. With your guide you will go on an intensive hike to the foot of the Paine Towers, the “Torres” (alternatives can be booked for a surcharge). Then take the public bus (with RL) to Puerto Natales at Ultima Esperanza Fjord

Day 14: Puerto Natales – Punta Arenas – Santiago de Chile

In the morning take the public bus (with RL) to Punta Arenas. Flight to Santiago de Chile and transfer to the hotel. F.

Day 15: Santiago de Chile

Transfer to the airport. F.

Extension of Easter Island

Combine your trip with a stay on the mystical Easter Island. A world of its own – Easter Island: approx. 3,600 km from the Chilean coast, in the middle of the Pacific, an island full of puzzles and secrets. Around 1,000 gigantic statues and extinct volcanoes delight history and nature lovers.

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