Children Always Tell The Truth. So They See The Advertising of Brands of Fashion

by | July 26, 2017

The saying implies, children and drunks always tell the truth. In this occasion Yolanda Dominguez experiences with children and fashion campaigns and what is the result? Different, special and above all statements a quite different view of what older people can appreciate luxury, distinction and quality. What is the difference between male and female campaigns?

It is not uncommon to see kids talking about issues of current political or social, saying what you think without any filter but we have never seen children talking about fashion campaigns. Yolanda Dominguez Madrid has laid eight children in front of an iPad with latest fashion campaigns and they have been commenting one by one with total freedom and, of course, sincerity.

They probably not aware of any brand and see simple snapshots, in which to girls hungry, tired, sad, crying, poor homeless and even sick. Children think how to help these girls, claim that you don’t have to be violence between them and even say their mothers how could help them.

All this changes when children see menswear campaigns, These images are powerful guys, with traits of superheroes, such as large heads and successful entrepreneurs. Why do they appreciate these differences between women and men? Do only children perceive that violence to suspects in some images?