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Tropical rainforest , active and extinct volcanoes , national parks, dreamlike Caribbean and Pacific beaches – paradise under the sun of Central America offers pure nature! An unbelievable variety of animals and plants invites every traveler to spend a dream vacation in this peaceful oasis.

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Guyana and French Guiana are very special travel destinations: Tourism plays a subordinate role. According to YOUREMAILVERIFIER, 85% of the Guyana’s landscape is made up of sparsely populated tropical rainforests , the west and south are criss-crossed by mountain ranges from which the country’s most important rivers arise.

The highlight is definitely the Kaieteur waterfall in Guyana: five times as high as the Niagara Falls, Kaieteur is the largest (but not the highest) individual waterfall in the world.

The culture of the Guyanas is mainly influenced by Hinduism and other Indian traditions : The majority of the Guyaners are originally from India. Guyana lives from agriculture and the mining of bauxite from one of the world’s largest deposits. French Guyana is part of the European Union, the currency is the euro.


Guyana Flag

Languages: Guyana: national language English; French Guyana: French as the national language

Capitals: Guyana: Georgetown, approx. 752,000 adults; French Guyana: Cayenne, approx. 57,200 adults

Local time: CET -4 hours / summer time -5 hours

Entry requirements: Valid passport and a visa. The visa application must be submitted to the geographically closest embassy. The Consulate General in Amsterdam processes applications from all European citizens (except for citizens of Belgium who have to apply for a visa in Brussels).

Vaccination regulations: For direct flights from Europe: no vaccinations required. In the case of a previous stopover (within the last 6 days before entry) in a yellow fever endemic area, a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate is required upon entry.

National currencies: Brit. Guyana: Guyana Dollar (GYD); 1,000 VEF; French Guyana = Euro

Recommendation: We recommend that you take euros and US $ with you in cash, traveller’s checks or credit cards.

Power supply: 110/220 volts, 60 Hz. (EU plug = Suriname & French Guyana // US plug = Guyana)

Best travel time: Tropical hot and humid all year round. The spring and autumn months offer the best travel time. Rainy season May to August and late November to January.

Food: Indian cuisine is Caribbean-Creole and very distinctive in Georgetown. Typical specialties are also Portuguese pork and the Indian pepper pot.

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The Republic of Haiti is located on the western third of the island of Hispaniola . The remaining 2/3 belong to the Dominican Republic. After the severe earthquake in 2010, a lot of energy was invested in the reconstruction. Haiti is an exotic and interesting, but also a very poor country and is therefore recommended for guests with more travel experience .

There are no foreign investments in large hotel complexes. Tourism is mainly limited to a small headland in the northwest with its port of Labadee and the adjacent beaches. Cruise ships regularly dock here.

The subtropical to tropical country impresses with its endemic diversity of flora and fauna, untouched coastlines and colonial treasures : the Citadelle Laferrière and the Sans-Souci Palace are even UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The capital is Port-au-Prince . The national language is Creole.


Haiti Flag

National language: French and Creole

Capital: Port-au-Prince, approx. 774,167 inhabitants

Local time: CET -6 hours

Entry requirements: Valid passport (valid for at least 6 months on arrival) for stays of up to 90 days.

Currency unit: Haitian Gourde (HTG)

Recommendation: US $ cash or US $ travelers checks are recommended. With credit cards such as VISA or Master Card, money can be withdrawn from many machines.

Power supply: 110 volts, 60 Hz., Adapter recommended

Best travel time: dry season from November to the beginning of May.