Carrefour Opens Its Fashion Web Online and Ahead of The Low-Cost Large as Primark

by | March 16, 2018

The digital market, increasingly on the rise, is the new battleground of large firms, brands and even groups low-cost. The chain of supermarkets Carrefour He did not want to wait any longer and has released to the pool, premiering its fashion online store with the bath 2016 and over 1,300 articles on fashion, footwear and accessories collection.

Can you imagine make your fashion shopping in the supermarket website? Carrefour He has made this possible, thus facilitating the exit of its different brands and designs. In addition, according to the company, the number of references in your web rub the 6,000 for September, when the collection autumn-winter 2016 will be incorporated in full.

For Rafael Sánchez, director of eCommerce not power of Carrefour, “the launch of this new online shop represents a turning point in the career of Carrefour towards the omnicanalidad, immersing us in one of the main sectors of this market”.

Also the website of Carrefour gives coverage to potential customers in the Peninsula and Balearic Islands, where he offers a 48 h delivery service y free return order in any supermarket.