Be Fashionably Cool Styling Tricks, Like Today in the Office

by | February 4, 2017

It will again be midsummer and the hull. But how much skin may I show the Office? Can I wear sandals in the meeting? What substances cool, sweating to where? Our site explained the dress code in the Office. Plus: Summer business looks to go shopping!

“36 degrees, and it is even hotter…” – Inga Humpe 2007 sang – and so is also the forecast for the next few days in Germany. But when all joy about the long-awaited late hot summer, the question immediately arises: what should I wear just in the Office? Let it care unfortunately hardly any requirements for Business attire over a ridge, eventually, every industry and every company collects their own dress codes:

  1. you work in a conservative profession:
    In very conservative company with a hierarchical structure and regular customer contact, such as example banks still have strict rules apply: Suits and costumes taboos are the Basic, bare legs and skirts ending up a hand wide over the knee. Fortunately, there are now thin tights where you don’t sweat. Invest in silk blouses, cool in the summer. Sandals should be only back open, nobody wants to see toes in the Executive Suite and the customers! Dark blue, is often more noble than black and also summer. Colored Accessories help against the grey mouse feeling. Unfortunately, more individuality is not in there. Also, hairstyle and make-up should be discreet.

Even supermodels have to take time serious dates. Eva Herzigova (43) wears a suit nude. Perfect in the middle of summer! The relaxed cut and lightweight materials provide the necessary cooling

Fashion Pro Caroline Issa (39) know how to styling itself the (job) opportunity: the costume itself is serious, however, thanks to the waist belt and the look is just much looser the colorful accessories!

  1. you are in the creative industry:
    It may go to quietly something individual in the creative industry and modern agencies with moderate customer contact. But be sure to dress up not too permissive. Small sleeve look always better than shoulders. Fortunately, Culottes are much hotter as hotpants and a good alternative to Pencilskirt or dress. You can safely omit nylons. Open, chic Sandals go freshly manicured toes in order. Flip-Flops are just on the beach. Not afraid of color. But combine prefer not too wild, but rather black or white plus pop color or pastel. If something unexpected visit comes, asks the boss in his Office or rotates through the air conditioning, it is worth to keep ready a Blazer or a Cardigan.

Perfect look for hot days in the advertising agency! The emerald green top (not too short!) has the correct sleeve length, crease pants has only a small impact – the clothes are thus serious enough for important customer meetings. In the accessories you can enjoy really: setting with the flower brooch and the riveting bag Bloggerin Nicole goods creative statements

Trust used to pattern quietly. It shows your opponent that you are working in a creative environment. They are limited only to a patterned part, you want to be taken seriously still. Instead of print pants, wearing as Marie Hindkaer, alternatively great looks a wide, beige Marlene pants of a cooling mixture of linen to the pattern blouse.

  1. you have no customer contact:
    You sit all day on the computer in your Office community and regulate everything via email and phone? Lucky! Wear what you want, take but a little consideration on your colleagues. And: also you will notice that your zeal will increase if you don’t sit in a bikini on the desk.

You work in a job environment, where you’re dealing with other people? Happy birthday, then you may attract even shorts! Hot pants and cropped top remain still in the closet. It could be that her boss ordered spontaneously to a conversation in his Office

  1. take a leadership position:
    Are you your own boss in your own shop or local? And therefore also your own poster boy and the best advertising! So dress, how you want to work on your environment and best represent your idea. What type of clientele want you as is dressed? An observation is worth. Also, your look should be an orientation for your staff.
  2. pay attention to the materials:
    As a general rule on hot days: you put on natural materials, lightweight cotton and silk instead of polyester. Wear linen, rather just than fiber mixture, otherwise there is a danger of creasing. Very flat shoes tempt to the shuffle and look like a vacation. Better put on a mini paragraph. Not to revealing outfits choose airy instead of skin-tight clothes. That is also comfortable at high temperatures. Delicate fabrics before test, whether the underwear shows through. Otherwise set to opaque parts.

This Milan men-fashion-week visitor’s Lauren Hutton memory look is perfect for hot days, because only airy cooling summer materials such as linen (Blazer), silk (blouse) and cotton (pants) are used

Special case Leather: The material can be displaced in the summer, and in the Office. That’s why the leather skirt should be as in the example of Stylistin Tina Leung, not too tight and not too short. This MIDI long skirt is a perfect choice. The flat sandals in addition ensure that the leather look not to vulgar acts in the Office

  1. choose the right summer colors for Office:
    Black is always – even in the heat. Instead of autumn colors, such as brown or forest green can be combined prefer bright or pastel parts in summer to – where richer tones basically competent work. Patterns are generally difficult, as often to pop or a matter of taste.

Summer in the city and “Vogue Australia” fashion Director Christine Centenera selects black? Good idea! Dark materials not only chic look, but almost completely block harmful UV radiation and protect so before sunburn. So that the look is not too drab and wintry, Christine Centenera contributes summer sandals in pink-orange

If you are still unsure at the end, what goes on in your own Office and what can not, ask also to the head. This shows diligence, and that it is aware of the role of professional clothes.