Long-tail boats leave Ao Nang for nearby islands.

Package tours take you directly to your destination

Along with Phuket, Ao Nang is one of Finland’s favorite destinations in Thailand. Indeed, all the major tour operators make package tours to Ao Nang during the winter season. Direct leisure flights arrive at Krabi Airport.

Self-employed travelers can fly to Krabi by purchasing a direct leisure flight or scheduled flight via Bangkok. There are also efficient bus and train connections to the city of Krabi from the rest of Thailand.

The price range for Krabi flights is moving up from about 500 euros. If you’re ready to travel at short notice, keep an eye out for sudden departures and the last seats sold at the top discount on tour operators ’holiday flights.

Accommodation focuses on hotels

Most tourists traveling to Ao Nang arrive at the resort on a package tour that includes hotel accommodation. The village has many large hotels and resorts that are also suitable for families with children.

A penny stretcher may be disappointed as there is very little budget accommodation in Ao Nang. A few cheaper inns fill up quickly, so bookings should be made in advance if possible.

For backpackers traveling alone, there are hostels in Ao Nang where you can stay in a shared room to save on your travel budget.

On foot or by moped around the village

In the bustling village of Ao Nang, the distances are short and you can walk almost anywhere. Bicycles and motorbikes can be rented from private rental companies or through the hotel.

With the Songthaew open taxi, you can travel cheaply to the city of Krabi, for example. If you are interested in nearby attractions, you can negotiate a suitable price with private taxi drivers and rent a pier with their drivers for the day.



A day trip from Ao Nang is easy for the Tiger Cave Temple.

Railay invites you to climb and relax

Although Railay Beach is not an island, it can only be reached by boat. A secluded piece of the continent is a lovely beach where there is no need to dodge cars and motorcycles. From Ao Nang, you can travel to Railay conveniently by long tail boat.

Railay’s most beautiful beach can be found on the west side of the continent. Another favorite destination is the charming Ao Phra Nang at the southern tip. On the east side, there is no actual beach due to the dense mangrove vegetation – instead of sun worship, the traveler is invited to high-quality climbing opportunities.

Railay can also be accommodated if desired. There are options for both luxury hotels and budget bungalows.

Island jumping from Ao Nang

Ao Nang’s private beach is quite small, but island jumping opportunities are varied. The most popular islands include Poda and Ko Hua Khwan, or Chicken, which takes its name from its chicken-headed shape .

Ko Hong is another stunning island about an hour’s boat ride from Ao Nang. Long-tail boats await passengers on the beach with ready-made price lists.

Ao Nang can also be taken on a day trip to the famous Phi Phi Islands, where the film The Beach starring Leonardo di Caprio was filmed .

Climb to the Tiger Cave Temple

The Tiger Cave Temple is located on a high hill a short drive from Krabi Town. To enter the temple, one must be prepared to ascend the 1237 steps. It is worth noting that sometimes the pain of very steep stairs can be heavy in the heat.

You need to reserve plenty of water and a lot of time. The breathtaking scenery at the top is rewarding, and the vigilant can take a well-deserved break while admiring the green mountains, Buddha statues and miniature temples.

The monkeys flocking at the base of the Tiger Cave Temple, despite their sweet appearance, are quite aggressive. It is a good idea to hold the bag tightly, especially if you are looking for a snack. Monkeys who have become brazen with tourists know that tourists are often accompanied by delicacies.


Hot springs and crystal lagoon

If the Thai heat isn’t warming up enough yet, jump into the hot springs of Khlong Thom! Located in the middle of the jungle, less than an hour’s drive from Ao Nang, this natural phenomenon offers travelers a moment of relaxation in nature’s own hot tubs.

Nearby in the hot springs, Khao Phra Bang Khram Natural Park features a crystal lagoon, a magnificent clear-water jungle pond. The area favored by locals can sometimes be crowded. Both the hot springs and the crystal lagoon are best reached by either taxi or rental car. Both destinations can be conveniently combined on the same trip.

Mussel cemetery

Less than ten kilometers from Ao Nang, the mussel cemetery features tiles made from millions of small mussels. Shell fossils, which are more than 75 million years old, are of particular interest to naturalists. There is also an information point with appropriate presentations and snacks for visitors.