Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Dressed to Miley Cyrus: This Is by Agatha Story Told

by | July 28, 2017

I just hang up the phone after having talked with the designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. We’ve called it so it contase us throughout history who had behind the dresses worn by Miley Cyrus during MTV gala. Two dresses that already spoke to us yesterday Colino.

The first thing I would like to comment is great, fun and spontaneous being Agatha. When learned that we called it from Jezebel, immediately wanted to put to the phone to tell us that during the month of August, among the hundreds of messages received from around the world sent to email “info” from Agatha Ruiz de la Prada ([email protected]) Catarina de Lancastre -that is who cares about international communication – rescued a sent message by Simone Harouche, the Stylist of Miley Cyrus.

In the mentioned mail, Simone commented that he had seen the dresses of Agatha via Pinterest, and that although they had already chosen the fitting that the singer was going to look for the gala, I wanted to know if they could send him some dresses so Miley proved them to be.

Agatha told me that when Catarina called him to tell him, it is not news to do special illusion. A couple of years, they had a very bad experience. Someone contacted their offices saying that they called part of Nicola Formichetti -a stylist known throughout the world for being the author of the creative and flamboyant look of Lady Gaga -, and who wanted to send him a series of costumes so Lady Gaga luciese them during performances. After spending a real fortune in shipping, never turned to have news of costumes (among them, the famous traje-jaula or the cabeza-ojo).

So Agatha told Catarina that tell him Simone intending not spending a penny on transport, nor in the famous notebook ATA you require the customs. Simone reassured him saying that they dealt with all the expenses related to sending.

With the help of table (Juan Carlos Mesa, creative director of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada), they selected 8 costumes -many of them vintage, retrospective at the Salon of dance of the Correr Museum in Venice-as those exposed in a sample, and then they called Agatha to approve them. Then they put into three large boxes and made the shipment, in extremis, on Thursday, August 20, since Simone had stated that they had them to receive, at the latest, on Tuesday August 25.

Agatha told us that if not it becomes by constancy and good do Catarina (who speaks six languages), any other would have thrown the towel, because amount of problems emerged in the office of New York. It turns out that in addition to dresses, included in shipping boots and glasses, and customs of NY Office are very strict with all certificates and permissions when it comes to entering the country specific articles, so that Catarina had to attach until birth of Agatha.

As you know, 8 dresses that were sent, Miley was only 2, but Simone wrote them an email thanking them for the collaboration, saying that in United States photos have come out in the media but, unfortunately, most of them they attributed them to Prada and not to Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. They are so happy that they have asked, please, stay with the other 6 dresses that did not, so Miley can go putting them in upcoming events from his busy schedule.

Agatha commented that as much of this whole story is that they have had to spend more than 32 years, since she designed these costumes, so two people, two artists around the world, have been able to of understanding your vision that transcends and reaches far beyond trends, giving life to timeless pieces inspired by the world of art, as the length of the lips and of the eyes which is a clear nod to the surrealism of DalĂ­ and the apartment of Mae West – for whom Simone Harouche feels genuine weakness (my favorite artist of all time!).

Thanks Miley the have been brave and have dared to put in a few suits that were made to parade on the runway, and added that he would love to have the opportunity to be able to design and make dresses to Miley sur mesure in his workshop in Madrid.

Agatha dismissed saying that he would like to take to encourage all Spanish presenters to risk a little more, and to shake up the fashion boring, corny and stale often wear costumes that look like typical wedding that shows and shows.

Seen, it is clear that it doesn’t suit designers close in August, because as the saying: “What does not happen in a year, can happen in a day!”. We said goodbye to Agatha, and from here thank you for addressing us so kindly, and tell you that we love to know surrounded by smart people so willing and, most importantly of all, it allows them to shine.

By the way, the images of the other 6 looks designed by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada that appear in this post are the selected table and Catarina, and that Simone Harouche has been so Miley go putting them over the coming months. So when you see them is placed, you will already know the history that is behind them.