New York Fashion Week: the Good Looks

This fashion week in New York, which took place simultaneously with several film festivals, allowed the protagonists of these events to try out new trends this fall, causing them to move from theory to practice, the lyrical blur Portable reality… This season, there are actually quite “it” all tell us to adopt… But not easy […]

How to Wear a Lace Dress

Elegant, sophisticated, sensual and sexy, lace dress has all the qualities to be worn on special occasions.In addition, this type of fabric puts your body into value and can be combined with multiple accessories that will give a perfect touch to your required. It doesn’t matter if you have a delicate and soft, personality and you want a lady […]

Leather Jacket for Your Body Type

Glamour or rock, sometimes sexy, sometimes tomboy, the leather jacket woman is an essential feminine dressing. Every year we see it everywhere, and this time it is for you! While it is certainly a significant investment, but your wife jacket will last you for years and never go out of fashion. It is normal at this stage, to ask what will cut […]

The Future of Watches

A consumers of mechanical watches, have no fear, there are strong bet that the watch of the future will certainly for even long mechanical, but today I wanted you to discover a surprising watch, a watch that hustles, alliance of the past, the present and the future–a watch to access as many complications as you […]

Hye Park Reviews

This is the first time an Asian model manages to rank in the top 50 of popular models. Since 2005, the beautiful Korean Hye Park has become a sure fashion. The charm of its unique physical and graceful finally surpassed informal beauty standards which prevail in the heart of the fashion world … It is 20 years […]